Online Resumes are above all!

So have yourself one and get ready for your first job interview

I am guessing that you already had your mock-up job interviews in which you’re instructed to write your own resume, dress sharp and have a taste of what a job interview feels like. Some colleges conduct these activities. Maybe you already experienced it while you’re applying for an internship or had a seminar regarding job search etiquette. Most of the applicants rely on printed resumes as it’s a requirement for most companies who are searching for qualified applicants. I tell you, you will realize that these are just some of the few materials that could help you on getting your first job.

Some spend their time on job search engines which can produce resumes for them (which they can also download and then later, print), but these are plain, dull and most of the time, have the same formats. Don’t get me wrong, okay? It provides the basic information. This is enough if you’re a walk-in applicant. But what if you’re applying online? Are you just gonna send your resume in a PDF format? Have you ever consider having an extra boost on your application?

“Okay, you got my attention. But how can it boost my application and increase my chance of getting hired?”

Here are some of its benefits!

  • Online resumes are always accessible
  • There are no formats to follow so you can showcase your creativity
  • You’ll impress someone! Not all, but someone!
  • Your past projects and skill set can be exhibited
  • You can connect your site to Social Media (LinkedIn, Facebook)
  • Contents and information are easily managed
  • Employers contact or invite you for an application even though you’re not applying!

and many more!

Now, what we have here is an online resume giveaway!

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Prize: Online Resume, One (1) available domain name of your choice hosted in our web server for 1 year

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Winners will be selected on April 1st and 14th! Please note that this page’s information may change without notice.

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