7 04, 2016

Vivaldi – The browser you just might be looking for

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Vivaldi The browser you just might have been looking for Announced today; April 6th 2016, was the 1.0 version of the new web browser Vivaldi. Made by more or less the same team that developed the browser called Opera. The browser (Opera) we once loved has changed its direction.

22 03, 2016

The new Apple iPhone SE at a glance

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AT A GLANCE The new Apple iPhone SE Apple announced its latest addition to the iPhone family yesterday (March 21, 2016), the iPhone SE. The phone was under speculation for a some months now and It turns out some rumors about it were actually true! The iPhone SE  (rumoured as iPhone5 SE) will have a 4-inch display,  12 megapixel camera, A9 processor